Sunday Worship Schedule


9:30 am Prayer and Instruction for all ages

10:45 am Divine Service Worship

Service times on Feast Days

Christmas Eve 7 pm

@ Logos Christmas Day 11am

Ash Wednesday 7 pm
Annunciation March 25 7 pm
Holy Thursday 7 pm
Good Friday 7 pm
Easter Vigil Saturday 8 pm
Easter Sunday 10:45 am
Ascension 7 pm

Where the Word of God and the Sacraments of Christ create saving faith in Jesus

We believe, teach and confess the “Gospel,” that Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, died on the cross for the sins of the world, that all might be saved through him.  According to Scripture alone, by faith alone we trust that this “by grace alone” promise in Christ alone is God’s once-for-all answer to the problem of evil in ourselves and our world.

St. John, established in 1848, is one of the oldest congregations in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, a conservative Christian body who trace their theology and practice through the 16th century Reformation to the faith of the early Church as recorded once for all in Holy Scripture.

Authentic Christian Worship

The Liturgy at St. John enjoys a fine adornment of musical accompaniment, including a full choral program, real pipes in the organ, and the occasional blessings of grand piano, brass, harp, and vocal solos.  If you have never used a hymnal before, don’t worry.  It’s alright to just sit and listen the first time you visit.  As much as we love music at St. John, it’s not about our voices, it’s about the Words we get to hear.

A new church in the heart of Philadelphia

St John’s gospel starts “In the beginning was the Word”. We support a new congregation forming in center city called Logos Lutheran. Logos is Greek for word. You can learn more about the congregation at


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